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Sara In “Tight Jeans”

This is Sara’s third and last session so I hope you enjoy it. Here she is in a black corset and tight jeans. Sara looks her best in tight jeans I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because those tight jeans of hers emphasize every gorgeous curve of her voluptuous body and her insane bubble booty. […]

Sara In “Pink Shorts”

Definitely want to see more of Sara so here is another amazing session. We dress her up in these tight pink shorts but quickly take them down to proceed with our nasty little fetishes. I’ll tell you one thing, her ass looks amazing all oiled up. Once you get a look at her material you […]

Sara In “Black Pantyhose”

Back to back new models as we present Sara. Sara is a light skinned latina with a super thick body and a big round ass. Here she is in some sexy black pantyhose and nothing but a small pink thong underneath. After a few poses we oil that ass up real good and it looks […]

Belinda In “Faded Tight Jeans”

I had seen Belinda in these faded tight jeans and asked her if she can bring them along for a photo shoot. And she definitely looks incredible in them. They really accentuate her thick body well and every curve of it. She’s got an all around juicy body! Sorry fellas, no oil up for this […]

Belinda In “Black Thigh Highs”

That’s right, more Belinda. We will never get enough of her and I’m sure you want to see more too. She comes out in nothing more than a red corset, a tiny blue g-string and some sexy black thigh highs garter belt and all. We take her out to the patio where she strikes up […]

Belinda In “Red Tight Bottoms”

Found these red tight bottoms and was curious to see what Belinda would look like in them. They turned out to be a success. Look at how lovely they stick to her body and we get a good glimpse of her voluptuous curves. Just look at her big ass and her thick thighs. We managed […]

Belinda In “White Jump Suit”

Can’t get enough of Belinda’s 48 inch latin bubble butt so here she is again. She looks amazing in this tight white jump suit. Look at how her big ass just pops right out. We took off her pants and low and behold see that ass in its prime. All bunched up in a tiny […]

Belinda In “Pink Blue Spandex”

Belinda looks amazing in these hot pink spandex pants. Look at just how they emphasize her enormous bubble butt and her voluptuous body. Not only that but Belinda is a true natural when it comes to modeling. She has some of the best booty poses and they look absolutely great both in person and in […]

Belinda In “Design Spandex”

We just can’t get enough of Belinda and her amazing latin bubble booty. Check out this great location we got for the shoot with plenty of outdoor space to play with Belinda’s lovely rump. She’s dressed in a black tank top, some tight spandex and a sexy red g-string underneath. Belinda wears nothing else but […]

Big Oiled Up Asses Trailer 1.0

Big Oiled Up Asses Trailer 1.0

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